Foster The People, Framed

John Kordosh
Framed (NEW)

We have to admit that, on occasion, we really like writing Framed.  This week's captions were fun to write, and — we hope —are fun for you to read, as well.

And, if they're not, we still get paid.  So we're looking at this week as win/win.

Well, to get the show on the road, our guest artist is Foster The People, the superb SoCal combo who broke through with 2010's "Pumped Up Kicks."  We don't do this often, but we suggest you listen to the song this week.  It's one of our favorites of the last several years.

Plus, it's got whistling!

Foster The People consists of Mark Foster, Cubbie Fink, and Mark Pontius, and one of them can flat-out whistle.  They posted "Pumped Up Kicks" as a free download and, by God, it worked.   The song's so good it went viral and, all of a sudden, a bunch of record labels wanted to sign them.

So, now that they're in Framed — and for a second time, we remind you! — the whole thing has an incredibly happy ending.

Please let us know how much you like Foster The People and Framed, and then come back next week for an even better band and even better captions!

We promise to never sell out!

1 —  Now that people can fly, pop music is superfluous!

2 —  Mathematicians continue to be puzzled by the "Distance/Reflection Equation."  What, is that so hard?

3 —  "And we have N 41.  That's N 41.  Remember this Saturday's bake sale, and be sure to reserve a table with Mrs. Weaver."

4 —  "Why, if this set list is to be believed, all of our songs have one word titles!"

5 —  "Yeah, you throw that thing.  I'll run real fast to get it.  You betcha, pal.  You betcha."

6 —  But Haight never solved anything!

7 —  "My most fervent hope is that — at some point in the future — some wise blogger will freeze this picture and present it to a national readership as a backhanded advertisement for UltraPhones.  That, I guess, and world peace."

8 —  Dealie Crankerson's never on time!

9 —  "Now that science has proven everything to be meaningless, I guess 85 million views means pretty much nothing."

10 —  "So I guess Flipper secretly hated Sandy and Bud, huh?"

11 --  "'Pumped Up Kicks' is a hit.  We can afford quality shoes now.  Really, why go on?'

12 —  "My sunglasses?  Foster The Grants, why?"