Foo Fighters and Gaslight Anthem Donate Songs to Hurricane Sandy Documentary ‘Beach 119′

Jon Wiederhorn
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By Jon Wiederhorn

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the Foo Fighters, Gaslight Anthem, Cary Brothers and Staind guitarist Mike Mushok have donated music to a new documentary, Beach 119, which premieres online Wednesday, June 5.

The film follows a community of survivors from the Rockaway Peninsula in Queens, New York and their struggle to bond together in the wake of the storm that stripped them of all their earthly possessions.

Beach 119 includes "Home" by Foo Fighters, "National Anthem" by Gaslight Anthem, "Take Your Time" by Cary Brothers, and original score music by Mushok.

The residents in Beach 119, a community 23.8 miles from Manhattan, were devastated by Hurricane Sandy — cut off from civilization with no electricity, water, gasoline or heat for weeks after the storm. Yet, the citizens from one street united; and with the help of strangers who donated clothing, food, toys, diapers and other necessities, the victims persevered.

"I spotted desperate pleas on social media from dying cell phones in the hours after the storm made landfall. People were cut off from help. No gas, transportation, electricity, food...and, in some cases, clothes and imperative medical needs," said Marcie Allen, co-founder of The Beach 110th Street Angels group, who served as one of the film's executive producers as well as its co-director. "This documentary is to give these survivors a voice to tell their story. Beach 119 is a story of humanity. Strangers came together in a time of need."

The film was produced by Nate Parienti/Live Alliance and written by Shannon Simpson Bevins. So far, the official trailer for Beach 119 has been viewed by almost 100,000 people.

Since Superstorm Sandy, Allen and her team have raised over $100,000 for: Home Depot gift certificates used to buy generators, heaters, kitchen appliances, and cleaning supplies for families in need; Boston Market gift certificates that provided Thanksgiving meals for 560 people; and other donations including a truck of Gatorade and Propel product from Pepsico.