Flo Rida, Framed

John Kordosh
Framed (NEW)

You know what we don't have enough of, here in Framed?

Outside of readers whose posts are so witty that every one of our blogs goes viral by default?

Rappers. Rappers are what we need. Everybody likes rappers.

This week, we begin to make up for past mistakes by featuring Flo Rida, the great songwriter/singer/rapper from we're too lazy to look it up, in Florida. He's had five Top 10 hits in his career, and worked with everyone from Akon to T-Pain to Ke$ha.

Our video is a good 'un — it's "Good Feeling," which was a 3x platinum hit for 'Rida last year. In the vid, we see Flo Rida travel all around Europe, just like we all do every summer. Look for Snoop Dogg in one scene.

The song is from his new LP, Only One Rida (Part 2), which is slated for a July release. But why wait? Enjoy Flo Rida at his best right now, as well as a bunch of captions we just happened to have lying around.


Important blog note! Sharp-eyed readers noticed that there were only 11 captions in last week's Framed, instead of our usual dozen.

Here's what happened: there were, originally, 12 captions. And one of them was in bad taste.

Even worse than our usual taste, we mean! Like, pretty bad.

Anyway, the offending frame and caption were removed by the folks at Y! Music, which we kind of liked. We weren't sure they were even reading Framed anymore.

We apologize to any readers who saw the offending caption before its removal, and promise to be more alert to the standards of decency in the future.

Now, let's enjoy some captions, which — this week — are nuthin' but a barrel-of-monkeys and as harmless as whittlin'!

1 — "Florida: Come for the sunshine. Stay for the unconstitutional welfare drug-testing law."

2 — Forced into a race with a machine, after just beating the steel-drivin' hammer!? John Henry was not happy!

3 — "I didn't know the ants would be in this week's Framed! Script!"

4 — "No, no, you don't understand. In heaven, there is no beer! None!"

5 — "How come my head's so damn small?" he cried in anguish. We hear you, Cyber Flo!

6 — "Why, if this were true, God would actually answer our prayers."

7 — "In the sky, over there. He's all white. Men feared him, and called him Jim."

8 — " Listen to me! You've gotta tell 'em! SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE!

9 — "We will find Flipper, and we will defeat him. And, then, Aquaman."

10 — "His hairline is receding! Yung Berg has won!"

11 — "All rappers can vibrate at super speed! Now to race Superman!"

12 — "We humbly praise you, Glurpo, as do all non-aqueous beings, and petition your favor."