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If I had to pick a favorite cartoon show from my youth, I would have to say it was The Flintstones. I watched this the Hanna—Barbera produced show in syndicated reruns, but  The Flintstones originally ran on ABC from 1960 to 1966, which was well before I was born. But this prehistoric family, loosely based on The Honeymooners, continues to be popular today. It was so closely modeled after The Honeymooners that Jackie Gleason considered suing Hanna—Barbera at one point, but decided against it. After all, the backlash for being the guy who had the Flintstones pulled off the air could have been severe.

Many musicians grew up with the Flintstones, just as you and I have, so it makes sense that you can find references to this wacky stone age family in popular music.

For this playlist I've found 10 tracks that mention the Flintstones somewhere in the lyrics, or the song title.

What have I missed?

Flinstone Songs

1. Flintstones - Ray Bryant Trio

2. Flintstones Meet The Flinstones - Primitive Calculators

3. How Could She? - Type O Negative

4. Box In Hand - Ghostface Killah

5. What's Up Doc? (Can We Rock) - Fu-Schnickens

6. Just One Of Those Days - DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince

7. Tuck Ya Ice - Trick Daddy

8. Flinstone Boy - Elton John

9. Life Of A Flintstone - MC Breed

10. Flinstone Disco - Universal Robot Band

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