Taylor Swift Unleashed at Grammys: Five Reasons She’s Better Without a Boyfriend

Wendy Geller
Stop The Presses!

Taylor Swift may have been making glum headlines in the past few weeks for her most recent breakup—with One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles—which reportedly did a number on her spirit. However, the blond superstar showed Sunday night at the 55th annual Grammy Awards that she’s back in fine form as a single girl.

Weren’t taking notes during the telecast? Here’s five things the famous "hopeless romantic" did to prove that she doesn’t need a boyfriend by her side to have a ton of fun:

Red carpet edginess: Swift arrived at the Grammys sending clear intent right off the bat that she wasn’t going to play the heartbroken card. Unlike the demure, dark, and conservative gown she wore at the Golden Globes just a couple weeks ago, Swift’s daringly cut gold-and-white Grammy gown fairly screamed “Let’s get this party started!”

We are never getting back together—like ever: Swift stunned the Grammy audience with her fierce opening performance, a fantasy-come-to-life Alice In Wonderland-esque romp in which she (unofficially, but still) threw a veiled barb at Styles, then stomped all over an unwitting male actor. She even visually proclaimed herself the leader of the proceedings, sporting a circus ringmaster’s hat and a pair of boots definitely meant for walkin’.

Dance, dance: The superstar settled into her seat and proceeded to thoroughly enjoy herself throughout the show, happily grooving to numbers from Bruno Mars, the Lumineers, and Mumford & Sons. Her enthusiastic grooves won the hearts of Grammy viewers, with even a “Taylor Swift Dancing Appreciation Post” on Tumblr making its viral way through social media.

She’s, like, the biggest star in the world—but still a fan too: When the legendary Prince showed up on stage to present the Song of the Year award, the cameras showed Swift looking visibly awed, a huge smile on her face. Cool!

Party girl: It’s safe to bet with all this bubbly exuberance going on that Swift kept the party going way, way after the show officially ended. We’re sure she was on no shortage of glittery afterparty lists—which we hope she hit with her girlfriends, and not with a new boyfriend! However, given her track record…and who could resist the new funner-than-fun. Taylor? Uh-oh, let’s all just wait for the news!