Fiona Apple’s Slimy Accessories In New Video “Every Single Night”

Tiffany Lee
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Fiona Apple has an octopus on her head--that seems to be everything you need to know about her delightfully absurd music video for "Every Single Night."

Shot in Paris, the music video has Apple lying in the dirt covered in snails, being pulled by marionette strings, bathing with turtles dressed as a hula girl and wearing that oh-so-ick octopus hat. It's pretty obvious that the octopus' head isn't real, as it would be too floppy to sit upright (or is at least stuffed with a mechanism to fake its breathing), but the tentacles definitely look real. And don't you love that someone is "styling" the tentacles in the beginning like hair? Although one has to question why Apple would be willing to wear a clearly dead octopus on her head when she is vegan.

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The video is a bit confusing for the viewer as most people remember her as the tortured, brooding young girl who seemed to have seen too much pain for humor. So at first look, the video seems like a dream montage gone awry, with an attempt at being edgy and odd just coming off as weird. But thinking about her silly music video with Zach Galifinakis for "Not About Love" where she is (gasp) smiling and laughing, you can understand that Apple is capable of being purposely pretty funny.

In Interview magazine recently, Apple admits that despite the ever-haunting and tragic quality to her music and scratching herself until she bleeds while performing, she is actually really goofy. Referencing ex-boyfriend director Paul Thomas Anderson, she told Interview, "he told me that the two of the funniest people he knows are me and Daniel Day-Lewis. He was like, "You're both hilarious, but everybody thinks you're awful." So octopus hat? That's just Fiona Apple being a goof.

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After six years since her last release, Apple returns with her fourth album the mind-bogglingly titled The Idler Wheel Is Wiser than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More than Ropes Will Ever Do. More of an entire chorus than a title, the album has garnered very favorable reviews, including a "Best New Music" badge and 9.0 rating from the ever picky Pitchfork. Apple still maintains her stance of cutting honesty in the ever-stunning album, even naming a song "Johnathan" after her ex-boyfriend "Bored To Death" writer Johnathan Ames. But as we can see in her latest video, it's refreshing to know that Apple is not one-dimensional in the sense of always being tragic.

Fiona Apple's latest album The Idler Wheel... is out June 19.

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