The Final, Tragic Video by Kris Kross’s Chris Kelly

Craig Rosen
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The tragic death of Kris Kross rapper Chris"Mac Daddy" Kelly of an apparent drug overdose last Wednesday just became even more heartbreaking. TMZ has obtained video reportedly shot in his Atlanta home on the morning of his death.

In the profanity-laced clip, a shaky camera captures the 34-year-old Kelly and some friends hanging in his home. He's interviewed briefly by a friend before he starts rapping along with a recording that was reportedly one of his final projects.

That cute kid from the "Jump" video is replaced by a grown man with a shaved head and a goatee, wearing a wife-beater white undershirt. An apparently inebriated Kelly attempts to rap along with the recording, spitting out rhymes like, "We don't stop, for nothing or nobody…look around you, it's full of dead bodies."

What makes the video particularly sad is that the camera pans to a wall filled with gold sales awards for Kris Kross. So we get a glimpse of Kelly's former self and his success, but then we're brought back to the harsh reality of what he became--and his ultimate demise.

Hours after the video was shot, someone at Kelly's home called 911 saying he was unresponsive. According to a police report, Kelly's mom, Donna Kelly Pratt, later told police that her son had been using heroin and cocaine the night prior to his death.

Kelly's funeral is scheduled for Thursday in his home town of Atlanta at Jackson Memorial Baptist Church, AP reports. A public viewing will be held on Wednesday afternoon and evening at Murray Brothers Funeral Home.


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