Your _____ Featured In Tanlines’ Interactive “Not The Same” Music Video, Like Right Now

Tiffany Lee
Stop The Presses!

Ever wanted to be a music video vixen? Or feel the stardom of a karaoke background video love interest? Brooklyn-based indie group Tanlines have recently launched a pretty sweet interactive music video for their song “Not The Same,” that really is not the same with each view. The video, which takes up an entire website, emulates a Photoshop-like program and allows users to change the background via Instagram. Put your face, put your car, put your dog, hell, put a giant picture of your butt in the video for all to see—the band can’t stop you.

Tanlines members and their part of the song can be made to appear and disappear using the toolbar, as well as drag-and-dropped around the site. The background can be changed from random provided backdrops like Stonehenge, a live fish cam and Jupiter, but also pull from the Internet’s premier .gif depository, and by tagging your Instagram photos with #notthesame.

The video was made as part of the The Creators Project, an infinitely boundary-pushing collaboration between Vice and Intel where creatives and geeks alike get weird. The “global network” is responsible for some of the most innovative approaches to music videos, combining film, art and technology in some truly strange and hypnotically fascinating ways. Then there are the projects like making instruments out of fruits and vegetables and 3D printing your Facebook profile—not very useful, but what on the Internet really is?

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