Fan Grabs Justin Bieber During a Concert in Dubai

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By Elizabeth Durand

Justin Bieber has been involved in yet another headline-making event, but this time it's not the teen pop star's fault. After weeks of patchy press for assaulting a photographer, trying to sneak his pet monkey into Germany, and writing an odd message in the guest book at Anne Frank's house, the young performer was back to business at his concert in Dubai…when a crazed fan ran onstage and grabbed the singer from behind, a rep for Bieber tells omg! Insider.

Sporting all white (an outfit similar to Bieber's own), the young man somehow managed to get by security up to his idol before the guards caught up--which means the offender is either really sneaky, or really fast, or both. In any case, the guards wasted to no time lunging at the youth as Bieber broke free and made it to safety off to the side of the stage.

But this scuffle didn't end there. Despite the guards' best efforts, the "fan" pushed the piano completely off its hinges, leaving it unusable for the rest of the show.

Like a true professional, however, the Biebs finished the song he was singing without pause while his attacker, and the busted piano, were taken offstage, which was actually probably pretty entertaining for all his fans.

After finishing his current song, Bieber did take a few minutes to collect himself off stage before returning for an encore of "Boyfriend" and "Baby." Later, he tweeted the simple reflection: "Dubai. Nothing stops the show."

While being assaulted mid-concert would be something most singers would hope to avoid, it (ironically) gave the Biebs a chance to remind everyone why he became so famous in the first place: He's actually kind of talented.