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As the father of a 9-year old daughter I am very much aware of how popular fairies are among young girls. The mystical, winged creature of folklore continues to have a significant pull that attracts many.  Their vast appeal makes sense considering they're delicate, beautiful, magical and mischievous -- these are things that little girls find irresistible. Disney has capitalized on fairies in a big way starting with Tinkerbell and expanding to the whole world of Pixie Hollow.

The way we view fairies today is a conglomeration of  different legends, folklore and literature. Some fairy tales do not paint them as kindly as we do today, but others describe them as kindhearted friends to humans, even though they shun being seen by our eyes.

Fairies have also made their way into the lyrics of popular music in significant ways. This playlist includes 10 "fairy songs" worth your attention.

So, do you believe in fairies? And what would you add to your fairy song playlist?

Fairy Songs

1. Fairies Wear Boots - Black Sabbath

2. Gimme Some Fairies - Cripple Creek Fairies

3. I Believe In Fairies - Waterbug

4. Do You Believe in Fairies? - Rick Wakeman

5. Green Fairy - The Pocket Gods

6. Faery Child - The Dreamside

7. King Of The Fairies - Irish Rovers

8. Fairies' Lamentation And Dance - The Chieftains

9. Waltz of the Faeries - Hetoreyn

10. Fairies And Frogs - Aphrodisiacl

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