Exclusive! See Manchester Sensations The 1975 Perform for Yahoo! Music

Wendy Geller
The New Now

The 1975 is a band that hasn't been around very long — despite the name, none of its members have firsthand experience with that particular year (or the decade itself) and they've actually only been releasing music under that moniker since last August. However, these lads from Manchester, UK have actually been playing together since 2002, having met at school and cut their musical teeth under various other names. ("It was a good way to get out of lessons," they wryly explain.)

They banged through a near schizophrenic collection of monikers, including the better-known Bigsleep and Drive Like I Do, before finally settling on the name "1975" (which singer Matthew Healey explains came from an inscription found in an old book about the beat generation).

And even then, the quartet wasted no time, putting out four EPs in a bit over a year under their finalized title. They also managed to garner a lot of attention in that short period. The band's mature-beyond-its-years blend of melodic electronica, ambient pop, R&B, and rock attracted a slate of critical response ranging from gushingly positive to actually confused in regards to its wildly mutable state.

The 1975's decision to release four EPs in rapid-fire succession leading up to the release of its debut full-length (which hits the streets September 9) also drew a mixed response from critics; however, the band has won over scores of pure music fans who are eagerly anticipating the self-titled release.

We at Yahoo! Music are excited to bring this set of performances, as well as an exclusive interview, with the 1975 in a few short weeks advance of their new album. Enjoy!