Exclusive! Get a First Look at Def Leppard’s ‘Good Morning Freedom,’ Not Captured Live in Over 30 Years

Wendy Geller
Stop The Presses!

Feeling a little...hysteria this week? Don't worry, it's not your imagination. Rock stalwarts Def Leppard are coming to a movie theater near you very soon, with their brand-new event Viva Hysteria!

Viva Hysteria! (which hits theaters October 2 and October 8; check here for venues and times) was captured live over nine nights during the band's spring residency at "the Joint" located in Las Vegas's Hard Rock Hotel. It's a total blowout that includes a set list containing the top-selling album Hysteria performed in its entirety! The guys also play many their most beloved hits as well, including such classics as "Photograph" and "Rock of Ages."

They also are primed to delight hardcore fans with their opening act, in which they perform under the alias "Ded Flatbird" and deliver such gems as "Wasted," "Slang," and the unheard-since-1980 "Good Morning Freedom."

Don't believe us? Check out this exclusive video of Def Leppard (as Ded Flatbird) doing that very tune live!

What's even better, you can get a free download of "Good Morning Freedom" at Def Leppard's official site right now. It's only available for 48 hours, so hightail it over there before September 28. For more information about Viva Hysteria! visit here.