Evidence That ‘The Voice’ Season 4 May Be Awesome

Lyndsey Parker
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On Tuesday night, the original lovable "Voice" judging panel of Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, and Christina Aguilera appeared on live television together for the last time until at least fall 2013, bittersweetly covering Green Day's "Time Of Your Life" while a highlight reel of their good times from the past three "Voice" seasons played in the background. Christina (who actually celebrated her 32nd birthday on Tuesday's finale) and Cee Lo will be sitting out next spring's Season 4, which kicks off March 25, and new judges Shakira and Usher will be filling their red spinning chairs during their hiatus.

I admit that ever since this personnel change was first announced, I've had my doubts about the revamped "Voice" cast. Cee Lo and Christina, the wackiest judges from the original lineup, have always brought the comedy (intentional or not) and generated the morning-after watercooler chatter, while Usher and Shakira have always seemed like comparatively normal and no-nonsense types. Usher would never have a Persian cat sidekick, or dress like Rick James and ride a Christmas sleigh across the stage (as Cee Lo did last night); Shakira would never wear tiny record-shaped pillbox hats and wigs made out of synthetic Barbie hair, or cool herself with giant lace fans. So, would Usher and Shakira be able to provide entertainment value in Season 4?

Well, if the new Season 4 promo starring Adam and Blake with their new co-stars is any indication, the answer is a resounding YES:

I know my bright eyes will be watching "The Voice" next spring. Season 3 may have just wrapped up, but I am already looking forward to Season 4.

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