Everyone Please Go Buy The Debut Single By “The Voice’s” Jamar Rogers

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)

It goes without saying that Jamar Rogers from Season 2 of "The Voice" was amazing. But I'll say it anyway: Jamar Rogers from Season 2 of "The Voice" was amazing. If it weren't for the fact that his teammate, Juliet Simms, was equally amazing on the show--and Team Cee Lo could only be represented in the finale by one singer, due to "The Voice's" stupid rules--then Jamar might've made it to the end and even won. But all is not lost for Jamar. He's just released his first single, "Where Would I Be Without You," and of course it is fantastic. Everyonegobuyitnowkthanks.

Below is a clip of Jamar's first recorded performance of the propulsive and Princely song, live at the Jazzbones club in Tacoma, Washington, while on tour this week with Season 1 "Voice" Team Cee Lo contestant Vicci Martinez (who, incidentally, is also amazing). What do you think? If you dig what you hear, head on over to iTunes (where you can listen to a snippet of the studio recording), and cast your vote for Jamar in the form of a download purchase.

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