Ever Wonder What Hello Kitty Would Look Like With Mick Jagger’s Mouth?

Lyndsey Parker
Stop The Presses!

This past weekend at Los Angeles's Known Gallery, at a one-day pop-up art show celebrating the new hardcover collectible book Hello Kitty, Hello Art!, two of pop culture's most enduring and most opposite icons--Japan's mouthless feline, Hello Kitty, and England's mouthiest rock star, Mick Jagger--were forever fused in the most awesome, if slightly disconcerting, manner imaginable.

Hello Kitty, the beloved Sanrio character that inspired many of the pop artists (including Shepard Fairey) who contributed original avant artwork to Hello Kitty, Hello Art! 's 200 color pages, has since her 1974 inception always been depicted sans lips. So when renowned graffti artist RISK came up with the brilliantly subversive idea to superimpose the Rolling Stones' equally recognizable lips-and-tongue logo over that blank white space beneath Kitty's yellow button nose, for three art pieces exhibited at the Known Gallery, the effect was almost downright shocking. It kind of brought a whole new meaning to the Stones' term "Beast Of Burden," even.

And yet...it was also kind of amazing to realize that no one had ever thought to do this before.

Now, can we see what Mick Jagger would look like wearing Hello Kitty's red hair-bow? Come on, RISK, make it happen!

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