Et Tu Brucé: British Sunshine, By Design

Dave DiMartino
Executive Editor
The New Now

A delightful new band making friends and influencing people via their recent Stateside jaunts with the Zombies, Et Tu Brucé really do have the goods.

Dwelling somewhere in the interesting artistic nether region of sounds that are both refreshingly new yet evocative of the glories of the great pop past, the English combo have fashioned an upbeat, sparkling debut album in Suburban Sunshine—released here recently on the SonaBLAST! label. To celebrate its release, the London-based group hit the States earlier this year--first catching our eye at this year’s South By Southwest convention, where they opened for the Zombies and played a smart, compelling set that surprised many.

And yes, that Zombies connection is not incidental, as Et Tu Brucé member Jamie White is in fact the son of Zombies founding member Chris White—and as far as having a good ear for pop music, it would appear that the like father, like son maxim yet again holds true.

We at Yahoo Music were pleased to encounter the band recently in our Music Room, when they stopped by to say hello, play a few songs in an informal acoustic setting, answer a few questions about the wheres and whys of their very existence, and offer up the sort of good time that you’re certain to enjoy.

Check out Et Tu Brucé!