Eric Benet Explains Writing ‘Here In My Arms (Lucia’s Lullaby)’

Billy Johnson, Jr.
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Eric Benét's latest album, "The One," includes the track "Here In My Arms (Lucia's Lullaby)" that is dedicated to his five-month-old daughter, Lucia Bell, with wife Manuela Testolini. Benét said he began to hum the song during Manuela's pregnancy.

"It was a melody I would sing to Manuela when Lucia was still in Manuela's universe in here," Benét says while pointing to his stomach during part-two of his three-part video interview with Yahoo! Music. "I would sing to her, and when she was born, I would sing it, and I just thought it would be great to put some lyrics to this song. And I thought it would be great if my wife helped me with those lyrics."

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"Here In My Arms" celebrates the simple joys of parenthood. Benét sings, "The moon up above such a marvel to see, the stars cause a heavenly sky. But none could compare as you drift off to sleep to the glow from the light of your smile." Benét adds, "Of all of the loves I have known near and far, the best is right here in my arms."

Benét describes the song as a classical piece. "It's like a Viennese Waltz," he said. "It's very soothing, loving and comforting song, and it puts Lucia right to sleep."

In part-two, Benét also talks about working with Lil Wayne on "The One's" controversial entry "Red Bone." Years before Benét wrote the song, he learned that Lil Wayne was a fan of his ballad, "Sometimes I Cry," and used it for emotional support throughout his incarceration. So when Benét thought the southern leaning "Red Bone" could use a rap verse, he reached out to the Young Money mogul.

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