Emmys Scoreboard: ‘The Voice’ 1, ‘American Idol’ 0

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks

Since the inception of the Outstanding Reality Competition Program Emmy category in 2003, "American Idol" has been in the running a whopping nine times…but it has never won. In 2012 and 2013, it wasn't even nominated — but rival series "The Voice" was.

And then this year, in only its second try, "The Voice" was able to do what "Idol" never could: It beat out the Emmys' perennial favorite, nine-time winner "The Amazing Race," and actually WON the Outstanding Reality Competition Emmy. Somewhere in a penthouse office suite over at 19 Entertainment, Simon Fuller is probably punching a wall right now.

One "Idol"-affiliated exec who was definitely less than pleased with "The "Voice's" upset victory was "Idol's" former producer, Nigel Lythgoe, whose show "So You Think You Can Dance" was also nominated this year.

Nigel did have a point. While "The Voice" — the first singing show to ever win in this category — is arguably THE best singing show on the air right now, it could also be argued that without "Idol" paving the way, a program like "The Voice" would have never been greenlit by NBC in the first place. So the fact that "Idol" never got its Emmy due back in its heyday is, in retrospect, frustrating.

Did "The Voice" deserve to win this year? Sure. (Actually, I would have given it to "SYTYCD," so I'm siding with Nigel in that way, too.) But did "Idol" deserve to win years ago? Heck yes, it did.

The one comfort that "Idol" can take is that "The Voice" has yet to make the impact on pop culture that "Idol" has over the past decade. The irony certainly wasn't lost on anyone when, shortly after "Voice" producer Mark Burnett gave his acceptance speech, Season 4 "Idol" winner-turned-multiplatinum superstar Carrie Underwood took part in the Emmys' tribute to the 1960s, singing the Beatles' "Yesterday."

Will any "Voice" alum ever be massive enough to perform at the Emmys? We'll see if the show can discover an award-worthy idol of its own, when Season 5 of "The Voice" premieres this Monday.

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