Emeli Sandé Arrives: The Latest UK Sensation Earns Her Kudos

Dave DiMartino
The New Now (NEW)

It's almost become a matter of course that spectacularly talented artists can seemingly arise out of nowhere--and to many, that will seem to be the case with wonderful new Scottish vocalist Emeli Sandé.

The singer, who won the 2012 Brit Award in the Critic's Choice category, has astounded many with her soulful, vibrant debut album Our Version Of Events--and that terrific set, which reached the Number One position on the UK charts, is seeing its American debut this week on EMI Records.

Sandé, an extremely adept songwriter, has already written a number of songs for such successful Brit artists as Susan Boyle, Leona Lewis, Tinie Tempah, Cheryl Cole, Cher Lloyd and Alesha Dixon, among others, and was dubbed his "favorite songwriter at the minute" by no less than Simon Cowell--reality TV kingpin and a man who rarely speaks so boldly unless he sees vast sums of money in the offing. As one listen to Our Version Of Events will attest, it was not an especially bold claim on his part. On the basis of her singing, her writing, and the tasteful arrangements on her debut set, Emeli Sandé has arrived with a polished set that amply announces her arrival as a fully-formed, highly talented major artist.

We at Y! Music were thrilled when Sandé recently dropped by our studios for an interview and intimate acoustic performance. Warm, friendly, and of freakishly good voice--considering how early in the morning it was-the singer impressed everyone with her talent and, we suspect, helped lay the groundwork for a following in the States that is likely to match the acclaim she's attained in her homeland. And we suspect her scheduled concert appearances with Coldplay this summer are likely going to help cement that deal considerably.

Take a look at one of this year's finest new talents-and prepare to be impressed.