Elf Bands

Robert of the Radish
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From time to time I like to do playlists based on band names. To create them I just look for bands whose names have something in common, like short band names, bands with numbers in their name, or band names that include the color black. Then I select each band's most popular track and put them in a list. I will be the first to admit that the results can be inconsistent at best in regard to quality and style, but it's still loads of fun.

Today, I was inspired by my kid's Elf On The Shelf to pull together a playlist of songs by bands who use the word "elf", or "elves" in their band name. It kicks off with the late Ronnie James Dio's first band Elf, continues with Elf Power and then moves on to other "elf" bands that you probably have not heard before. Some are worthy, others, not so much.

What "elf" bands have I missed?

Elf Bands

1. Hoochie Koochie Lady - Elf

2. High Atop The Silver Branches - Elf Power

3. Under The Willows - Elf Farm Raffle

4. Witchcraft - Elf Project

5. Captain Courageous - Magic Elf

6. Suffocated - Greek Elf

7. New Generation - Happy Elf

8. The Long Lost New Age Biosphere - Grey Elf

9. The March of the Hot Buttered Elves - The Hot Buttered Elves

10. Creepy Place - Fugitive Elf

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