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I've been fascinated with ancient Egyptian culture for quite some time. Last year,  I was on my way to Giza for the very first time. Unfortunately, my trip was cut short en route due to the Egyptian uprising, which literally broke out while I was on a ship into the port of Alexandria.  Today, I had some time to see a documentary on the mysteries of the Sphinx, which raised questions about whether the iconic monument is actually much older than most believe. I was completely engrossed as usual. There's just something about ancient Egyptian civilization that I find irresistibly interesting. We know enough to understand the periphery, but not nearly enough to truly understand the culture fully. I suppose that's why Egyptology continues to be the career of choice for many budding archaeologists.

Egyptian gods are a big part of understanding ancient Egyptian culture, and they're about as cool as gods can get. Ra, Horus, Anubis, Sekhmet, Osiris, Isis and others, are part human, part animal deities that could not have been more interesting if created by the very best Hollywood storytellers.

These Egyptian gods have not gone unnoticed by songwriters, and metal bands seem to have a fond attraction to them. Well, with all the embalming, over-the-top tombs, and freaky, half-animal representations I suppose it makes sense that metal heads are fans.

For this playlist I've selected metal songs, or metal bands that are in some way linked with an Egyptian god.

What's your favorite Egyptian god heavy metal song?

Egyptian God Metal

1. Powerslave - Iron Maiden

2. The Eye of Ra - Molten Lava Death Massage

3. Anubis - Septic Flesh

4. Horus Rises - At The Throne Of Judgement

5. Wrath of Sekhmet - The Cold Existence

6. Winds Of Osiris - Plight

7. Isis - Nocturnía

8. Pure Infernal Fire - Ammit

9. Laying Fire Upon Apep - Nile

10. A Single Rose - Anubis Unbound

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