Ed Sheeran Freestyle Raps, Talks Drinking With Psy, and Comes to Swift's Defense at Delta's T4X Pop-Up

Tiffany Lee
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No wonder Justin Bieber wants to hang with this guy. Singer/songwriter extraordinaire Ed Sheeran went next level at Delta's TX4 pop-up experience in New York City on Thursday night with the brief, but explosive set at the VIP event.

Celebrating Delta's new state-of-the-art Terminal 4 at JFK airport, which officially opened on Friday, the 22-year-old Grammy nominee started off with slow with "Give Me Love" followed by "Lego House". Sheeran immediately had the audience swooning and singing along while effortlessly live looping his soaring vocals, creating a choir of Eds as he played along. He then split the audience into high and low harmonies and had them sing their hearts out.

But the real performance fire broke out during the musician's extra long rendition of his song "You Need Me, I Don't Need You", that included a cover of Macklemore's chorus for "Thrift Shop" and an insanely impressive freestyle rap at the end. We were certain his 3/4-size guitar was going to explode in a blast of splinters the way he was tearing it a new one. Fans who didn't make the list were in a frenzy, banging on the windows outside the event.

Breathless and sweating after his endless wave of rhymes and shreds, Sheeran calmed the fans and closed out the set with his breakout single "A-Team".

Prior to his incredible set, the musician sat down with Fuse to talk about tour mate Taylor Swift and his personal highlight from last Sunday's Billboard Music Awards. When asked about Swift's rabid rumor mill, Sheeran set the record straight:

"I often find that Taylor can't never win with what she says. It'll always be twisted by someone, so I thought I'd come out and say what I thought, which is the truth. She's only dated two people in two years, and I have friends that have been with like, ten people in one year and people won't say that they're a slut."

So that's that. And Twitter dreams came true for Sheeran the day of the Billboard Music Awards. He said, "I tweeted at the beginning of the day that all I want to do today is get drunk with Psy, and that was genuinely the only thing I wanted to do. And I did."

"I felt like a teenage girl, I proper fan girl-ed out," the musician gushed. "He went on stage to play 'Gangnam Style' and he said "This is for my friend Ed Sheeran," and I was like 'Omigod! He dedicated "Gangnum Style" to me!' Yeah I was a proper fan girl."

If you missed the live stream of the show, check out the performance below:

Ed Sheeran is currently on tour with Taylor Swift through September.

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