Dumped ‘Idol’ Puppet Oscar Resurfaces As Rapper

Lyndsey Parker
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Everyone may be focused on the Oscars right now, but let's talk about another Oscar, shall we?

A few weeks ago on "American Idol's" Oklahoma City episode, an intrepid ventriloquist named Halie Hilburn auditioned with Oscar, her trusty dog-puppet sidekick. Oscar certainly seemed to have "Idol" potential, but unfortunately, he was robbed: Halie followed the judges' stern advice to go solo, and she left her felt friend behind in Oklahoma (IN A DUMPSTER, yet) and went to Hollywood alone. And then, thanks to the totally A.D.D. editing this "Idol" season, viewers never saw Halie again.

However, while Halie's Hollywood Week footage is still coiled on some Fox cutting-room floor somewhere, Oscar has defiantly clawed his way out of that dumpster and reinvented himself as OzCar, a rapper ready to battle even Nicki Minaj. OzCar raps on his debut single, released this week: "I'm flying solo, making green like a Muppet/If Eminem and Macklemore can, why not this white puppet?" He also spits disses about the "Idol" judges--cleverly rhyming "hurtin'" with "Urban," "pariah" with "Mariah," and "icky" with "Nicki"--and he's got some skillz:

So, how can I convince Fox to invite OzCar to the Season 12 "Idol" finale to duet with Nicki? That's a collabo that just has to happen.

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