Drake Revisits Destiny’s Child on “Girls Love Beyonce”

Soren Baker
Stop The Presses! (NEW)

Drake often presents himself as a player in his music.

On his new "Girls Love Beyoncé" song, though, the Canadian rapper-singer revisits Destiny's Child's "Say My Name," asking the girl he's singing and rapping to to say his name in order to ensure no one else is around her.

"Girls Love Beyoncé" gets its title from the first line of Drake's lyrics, but the song is not about Beyoncé.

Indeed, "Girls Love Beyonce" is much more thematically in line with "Say My Name," a hit single from Destiny's Child's smash 1999 album, The Writing's On The Wall.

Beyonce, of course, is Destiny’s Child's frontman.

"Girls Love Beyoncé" flips the perspective from female to male and features Roc Nation crooner James Fauntleroy singing the chorus.

Also unlike "Say My Name," "Girls Love Beyoncé" has a slow tempo and spare instrumentation throughout.

"Say My Name," by comparison, hits an energetic crescendo in its chorus and features dramatic vocal inflection and runs.

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