Double-Decker Red Carpet for VMA Awards Made for the Fans

Claudine Zap
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The red carpet for MTV's Video Music Awards is being supersized. Stars (many in heels) will face a daunting double-decker behemoth with multiple levels. Hope those special-event gift bags have hiking boots.

The structure was inspired by a multilevel driving range. But instead of golf balls, fans will be treated to multiple levels of stars at the VMA preshow. Whether it will be a treat for the stars seems up for debate.

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The superstructure is being built to span the 300 feet between the Nokia Theater and the Staples Center (where the event will be held) and is believed to be the first of its kind -- and possibly the last, once artists realize how many levels are involved. Performers may want to trade in their sky-high heels for sneakers -- or the entertainment may turn into some unplanned tumbles.

Jonathan Mussman, executive in charge of the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards Pre-Show, told Yahoo! that stars have been made aware of the change to the red carpet walk, saying, "They were instructed, 'Be fashionable, but bring some comfortable shoes.'" Rihanna in flats? As if!

Here's how it's supposed to work: Guests will climb a rounded staircase to the "wave and smile" platform. Then up to the next level to run the paparazzi gauntlet of photographers and begin their press interviews. Then back down to the first level for more interviews, and, finally, across the street to the Staples Center.

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Now imagine doing that hike in a full-length gown and five-inch Christian Louboutins. Mussman argues that although the structure looks different than your ordinary red carpet, there aren't too many steps: seven for the first level, then eight to the next.

The challenging structure is really for the fans (who will watch from the safety of terra firma, or on TV). Production designer David Morong told MTV, "We intentionally made it as open as we could, so hopefully you'll see someone here and someone here and someone else here, and it'll be a chance to see people spread out all over the place." He added, "We hope that when people drive up they say, 'Whoa!'"

We just hope the "Whoa" doesn't turn into "Whoops"!