I Don’t Get Nicki Minaj’s ‘Stupid Hoe’ Video

Billy Johnson, Jr.
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I have to admit that I laughed when Nicki Minaj rhymed "Look Bubbles go back to your habitat" on her latest Lil Kim diss track "Stupid Hoe," but I can't say that I like much else about the choppy, erratic song or video. Clearly, Nicki's making fun of the original Barbie rapstres, but the problem is I am not sure where the parody begins or ends.

The Young Money Queen is known for wearing outlandish costumes, hairstyles, and makeup, so I wasn't surprised to see her new looks in the 3-minute video. But, I'm not 100 percent sure that all of Nicki's shots with smeared on makeup — an offense for which Kim is a repeatedly guilty — are actual digs at her nemesis.

It appears as though Nicki is enjoying being an exaggeration of Kim which makes this one of the most confusing cases of the caricature calling the model wack.

We need a ref to call the end to this female rap match. It's gotten boring.

Maybe, I'm not the only one confused here. Nicki's sophomore album, originally slated for February, has been pushed back.