Does Dr. Dre Co-Headlining Coachella Date Mean ‘Detox’ Is Coming?

Billy Johnson, Jr.
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Dr. Dre fans can assume that the "little bit of a break" he said he would be taking from music will be over come April 15 when the super producer teams with protégé Snoop Dogg to headline day three of the Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival.

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Last November, years after promising to release his album, "Detox," Dr. Dre said that he would be working with two new artists, but, otherwise, taking some time off. "Imma take a little bit of a break, enjoy some time with the family 'til I get that itch to get back in," he told The Fader.

Co-headlining a Coachella date doesn't necessarily signify that "Detox" will get released this year or that he will premiere any new music at the event. A rep from Interscope Records, Dr. Dre's label, agrees, telling Yahoo! Music there are no updates on "Detox." The rep simply described the concert as "a Dr. Dre Coachella performance."

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Dr. Dre has been quite busy, however, marketing and promoting his Beats By Dr. Dre headphones that includes styles from Lady Gaga, Diddy, and David Guetta. Last summer, HTC invested $300 million in the company.

Dr. Dre discussed his plans for Beats last summer. "I am trying to build my electronics company, Beats Electronics," he told Global Grind. "We just signed a major deal with HTC and we have cell phones coming out in the next two weeks. I am involved in Chrysler; we are in cars right now. My whole thing is to take over everything with a speaker. That is what I am shooting for."