Does Christina Aguilera’s Fragrance Ad Whittle Her Down?

Wendy Geller
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Take a peek at Voice vixen Christina Aguilera looking outlandishly flirty in the current ad for her fragrance, Royal Desire. Wait--on the other hand, perhaps take a peek at her looking outlandishly fake.

The photo of Aguilera, in which she appears much thinner than normal and--still worse--distorted at certain angles, has been attracting attention for what appears to be sheer Photoshop abuse. It's not a new shot--the perfume was originally introduced last year, and the campaign photo was reportedly taken two years ago, but the recent resurfacing of the ad in Us Weekly has fans scratching their heads. Aguilera's skeletal frame in the ad still doesn't quite match up to anything she's looked like in the past few years.

Here's a photo of her from mid-2010 to compare with, where she is certainly slim, but still not as thin as the ad's image. What do you think?

Popular women's-interest blog Jezebel takes a few snarky shots at the ad, crowing the headline "Christina Aguilera's Bones Mangled In Terrible Photoshop Incident!" and noting that the singer's extended arm is "bent at a strange angle" and "has a zillion varying widths," while the other arm "looks like it might have two elbows." Ouch.

Fan response on Twitter seemed mostly upset that Xtina would allow such distortion on her ad. "This makes me so mad! Why do they mess with us normal girls?" wondered one fan, while another lamented "Why would you Photoshop those beautiful curves?" Still other fans questioned why the star is even using photos that are clearly out of date. "Couldn't afford a new photoshoot Christina?" asked one.

However--there is a video ad for the perfume as well. In it, Aguilera does appear to be quite svelte. However, it's hard to ignore the criticism pointed at the odd touchups the print ad seems to have sustained.

Aguilera, who has taken some criticism for her weight in recent months, told People this month that she's fine with her figure. "I embrace my body, and I embrace everything about myself," the 31-year-old mother of one asserted.


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