Dinosaur Rock

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If you have young children, especially boys, you're well aware of the allure that dinosaurs have.  I must admit, there's something amazing about how different our planet was when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Archeologists have discovered the fossilized remains of over 700 different dinosaur species, and many scientists believe another 1000 may yet be discovered. Some of these animals were the largest to ever roam the planet.

I have just returned from taking my kids to Disney World for a week and my son loved an Animal Kingdom attraction called Dinosaur. The premise is that you're riding in a time machine back to the end of Cretaceous period to pick up an Iguanadon before the asteroid hits. Although some of the animatronics are rubbery and mechanical, some of them are incredibly real, making for an exceptionally immersive experience. Needless to say, we went on this ride about five times at the urging of our kids.

Another thing I noticed about Disney was how well they incorporated music into every experience. It is always there, setting a mood, or adding to a theme.

For this playlist I've put together 10 rock songs about some of the most popular dinosaurs.

What would you add?

Dinosaur Rock

1. Velociraptor! - Kasabian

2. Brontosaurus - Blue Meanies

3. Triceratops - Health

4. Pteranodon - Ozric Tentacles

5. Allosaurus - Papercranes

6. Iguanodon - Think Tree

7. Stegosaurus - Big Moves

8. Tyrannosaurus - getAmped

9. Archaeopteryx - Only Human

10. I Believe In Dinosaurs - Brachiosaurus - Jez Kemp

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