Die Antwoord: Still Weird In Alexander Wang’s Latest Fashion Video

Tiffany Lee
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Arguably the oddest pair in hip-hop, South African duo Die Antwoord (Afrikaans for "The Answer") appears in fashion designer Alexander Wang's latest video for his T by Alexander Wang line. While it initially comes as a surprise that the edgy-chic young designer would collaborate with the edgy-creep rappers, but in the video they meld seamlessly. The T by Alexander Wang line consists of mostly casuals and basics like sweats and tees, so they're perfect for Die Antwoord to tag up. Fashion videos have become a seasonal staple for all clothing brands, but the clothing takes a back seat to the music in Wang's Spring 2012 video; and as a big music fan of course I love that.

Watch Die Antwoord perform their latest single "Fatty Boom Boom" for T by Alexander Wang:

For those of you unfamiliar with Die Antwoord, the group is made up of Ninja (the guy), Yo-Landi Vi$$er (the girl), and DJ Hi-Tek (not featured). Their usual style consists of a cringe-worthy meld of over-sized Euro rave and hip-hop gear splattered with Basquiat-ish graffiti patterns, Ninja's gold teeth and poorly drawn tattoos, and Yo-Landi's razor's-edgy platinum haircuts.  Yo-Landi child-like size and voice paired with her palpable ferocity reminds one of a murderous Chucky doll. Having the tiny woman swear up a storm alongside a guy who looks like he really shouldn't be trusted with children or pets? A strange combo indeed. But there's definitely something mysteriously cool about the anomalous pair and Alexander Wang was right to tap into that. I personally think Die Antwoord are at such a level of oblivious ridiculousness that it becomes awesome.

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The fashion video is fun, but the behind-the-scenes video is where one can really see the novelty that Die Antwoord is (those footie pajamas as fashion?). Watching them go about their day is like watching a cross between dark Australian reality spoof Summer Heights High and Chloe Sevigny's infinitely bleak, career-launching indie film Kids. In fact, Kids director Harmony Korine directed an exaggerated, yet still kind of frightening short for French designer agnès b starring the rap duo last year. In Wang's behind-the-scenes, you can't tell if they're genuinely trying to be "hard", or if they are cognizant of how silly they sometimes are. Either way, it's pretty cool.

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