Did You Know that Shirley Temple’s Daughter Was in a Famous Stoner Rock Band?

Laura Ferreiro
Yahoo Music
The Melvins

Shirley Temple Black, who became one of the biggest child superstars in Hollywood in the 1930s and was universally adored for her acting, singing and tap-dancing talents, died Monday night at her home in California at the age of 85. Her wholesome, family-friendly entertainment and buoyant curls won over the hearts of millions, so it's hard to believe that the daughter of the "On the Good Ship Lollipop" singer was once a member of raucous stoner rock band the Melvins.

Lori Black, who was the daughter of Shirley and her second husband Charles Alden Black, didn't follow in her mother's footsteps by becoming a purveyor of wholesome G-rated family fare. Instead she joined the Melvins after bassist Matt Lukin left to form Mudhoney. Black was dating Melvins frontman Buzz Osborne at the time, and the band offered her the slot as their bassist.

As is common for many bands whose members are romantically linked, the relationship between Lori Black, who adopted the stage name Lorax, and Osborne was tumultuous. They reportedly didn't get along well, and Osborne accused Lorax of being lazy. That said, she played on their 1989 album Ozma and 1991's Bullhead. She's also credited with playing on their landmark 1993 album Houdini, but Osborne disputes that, claiming she was kicked out of the band when the album was being produced.

In an interview cited on TheMelvins.net, Osborne explained why they gave Black the boot. "Well, we tended to wanna work a little harder than she was willing to do, and I was going out with her for a long time, and I basically got sick of her," he said. "Dumped her. Just rid her from my life completely, and there's no way I could see playing in a band with her. That had a lot to do with it, plus, I thought she was lazy."

While there were rumors that Black died of a heroin overdose in 1998, she is reportedly alive and well and working as a photographer.