Diamond Rings Shines Bright With Exclusive Acoustic Set

Tiffany Lee
The New Now (NEW)

Lipstick on a dude has never looked so badass. Canadian electro-pop artist John O'Regan, known as Diamond Rings, came by Y! Music to acoustically showcase some shining tracks off his second studio album, Free Dimensional.

Hailing from Toronto, O'Regan ran with bands that played Casio-pop to post-punk before breaking out with his own project. Diamond Rings melds elements of pop, rock, electro, indie and punk with deep, sinister vocals that can be as earnest as they are evil. Diamond Rings is yet to translate his position as music blogger darling to charting musician, but with similar upcoming artists like Grimes and Charlie XCX making huge waves, O'Regan is sure to be part of that tide.

With a range that can crank out dance floor jams to stage-diving anthems, paired with a high-concept sense of fashion and model-good looks (in person, he's seriously china doll flawless), O'Regan will soon prove to listeners that a diamond is forever.

Check out Diamond Rings perform an acoustic set for Yahoo! Music. (Love the outfit coordination with his guitar!)

Free Dimensional is out now.

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