Update: Dexter Roberts Explains Absence From American Idol Live! Tour

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks
August 1, 2014
Dexter Roberts with Majesty Rose at the American Idol Live! tour kickoff (Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)
Dexter Roberts with Majesty Rose at the American Idol Live! tour kickoff (Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)

UPDATE: Dexter Roberts has finally issued a statement explaining why he mysteriously dropped off the Idol tour. Get well soon, Dexter!

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Dexter Roberts, the country singer who placed seventh on the most recent season of American Idol, has mysteriously disappeared from this summer's American Idol Live! concert tour, which began June 24 in Binghamton, New York. And apparently, he's not coming back.

The fan site MJsBigBlog.com was the first outlet to report on Dexter's vanishing act, noting that he hadn't performed on the tour since at least July 1. But no official statement had been made about Dexter's whereabouts, or whether or not he'd be rejoining his fellow Idols on the road any time soon.

Fans speculated that Dexter was sick or having vocal issues, but now a source close to the Idol camp tells Yahoo Music's Reality Rocks that "both parties mutually agreed that he would be released from his contractual obligations to continue performing on the tour." No further explanation was given.

Considering that Dexter will be appearing at Birmingham, Alabama's World Deer Expo July 18 through 20, it seems safe to rule out illness as the reason for his departure... although fourth-place finalist Jessica Meuse did tell a fan on Twitter earlier this week that Dexter's absence was health-related.

Whatever the reason, hopefully fans who bought tickets to hear Dexter sing "Keep Your Hands to Yourself" or "Muckalee Creek Water" (his two solo numbers on the original setlist) will be content with just watching the performances by the other nine contestants. And if Dexter has dropped out of the tour due to illness, here's wishing him a speedy recovery... otherwise he'll have to miss that Deer Expo, too.

This is not the only setback for this year's American Idol Live! tour. For the first time in the tour's 12-year history, the Idols are singing to backing tracks, without the accompaniment of a live band, and this has disappointed some fans. Additionally, the second date on the tour, scheduled for Albany, was canceled — although that's nothing compared to the 10 shows that were nixed on last year's trek.

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