Depeche Mode + Kanye West = Your Own “Personal Yeezus”

Marisa Okano
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July 2, 2013

By Marisa Okano

In 1989, Depeche Mode compared the passion of romance to outright idol worship — scoring a hit single in the process with "Personal Jesus." Twenty-four years later, Kanye West has taken his own self-love affair to religious proportions with Yeezus, his latest album. How are these two events related? Read on.

"Black Skinhead" is a Yeezus track based on the sinister electropop rhythm of the Depeche Mode classic. And now New York City comedian Dan Chamberlain, who moonlights as mashup master Chambaland, has taken West's controversial track under the knife and created "Personal Yeezus."

The result is a pounding hybrid of the two blasphemous bangers that keeps the flow of both originals intact. Chambaland has allowed Depeche Mode's original electropop stylings to remain at the mashup's crux. Meanwhile, the tribal beat West has fashioned successfully carries the new version along with thumping power.

Stream "Personal Yeezus" below to hear two generations of controversy work in perfect harmony. It's practically a religious listening experience!

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