Demi Lovato, Framed

John Kordosh
Framed (NEW)

Hi, readers, and welcome back to Framed, the only blog that's guaranteed to be written by the hunt-and-peck-and-have-another-shot method.

It's a good method!

This week we're asking, "Who is Demi Lovato, and why is she our guest artist?" And the answers are: (1) Darned if we know, and, (2) Darned if we know. But we're willing to learn!

(Pause while we read Wikipedia entry.)

OK, so that's who she is! It turns out that Demi's a singer, a songwriter, an actress, and, in general, a good and talented person. A victim of bullying as a youngster, she's also a highly visible anti-bullying activist. Good for you, Demi!

And, on top of all that, she's also a judge of The X-Factor! Sort of like Lyndsey Parker!

How she finds the time to make records is beyond us, but her first three LPs (which have all hit the top five in the U.S.) have sold over 1.5 million copies. Glad to have you here, Demi!

Our video this week, " Give Your Heart A Break," is from her third LP, Unbroken. It's a good song, and the video is equally excellent. It's all about Demi trying to win back an old boyfriend, the sort of thing everyone can relate to.

Have fun, and be back again next week, when the Yuletide spirit once again comes a-callin' at Framed!

1 -- "Whatever happened to that 'Sentient Bubble' I used to hear so much about?"

2 -- "Well, yes... er, um, minister... um, Minister Crankerson... I would be very interested in some Ethamphetamine May."

3 -- "How cruel! The App That Corrects History says that, now, I'm not an actress! Except when I'm singing!"

4 -- "It would be weird if all the readers began to slowly lose the sight in their left eye. What would the odds be?"

5 -- "You sure know a lot about walls, Demi. Are you sure you're not Wall Girl? Ha ha ha!"

6 -- The rare "frame within Framed" is always a cause for celebration, confusion!

7 -- "Bill... bill... refi pitch... letter from Focus On The Family asking me to cede my reproductive rights to the notions of a bunch of desert goat herders from 2,000 years ago...bill... bill..."

8 -- "Hola, readers! It is I, the famed 'Mexican Radio' of years gone by! Soy yo!"

9 -- "And -- over here -- the sun's not going nova! I like to read about stuff!"

10 -- "My ability to create monopoles has made Magneto even more powerful! Ironically!"

11 -- "And: I can use this later on, to blackmail you."

12 -- "Why, if that's Jim The Bird out there, the made-up characters are pretty much covered this week."