Deep Blue Songs

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Blue is a popular color in music. It may even be music's most popular color.

One of the most important genres in popular music  is called the blues, because of its melancholy themes, and bluegrass comes from a common meadow-grass in Kentucky that blooms with blue flowers.

Blue is synonymous with sad. If you're faithful, you may be called "true blue". A "blue chip" stock is stock in a company considered consistent and stable. If you're "blue collar", it means that you're working class, but if you're a "blue blood" it means you come from privilege. A "blue ribbon" denotes something as being best in class. Blue can indicate vast distance, like the deep blue sea or the sky. Blue is also consistently voted the top "favorite color" in Europe and the US.

Indeed, the color blue gives songwriters a lot to work with, and you can find thousands of songs that use it to make a point.

But for this playlist I did not include "blue" songs, but "deep blue" songs.

What would you add?

Deep Blue Songs

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