Debbie Rowe on Paris Jackson: ‘She Doesn’t Feel She Has a Life Anymore’


Paris Jackson was shattered by the death of her father.

Debbie Rowe was on the stand Thursday in Michael Jackson's wrongful death lawsuit and broke down in tears talking about the impact his loss has had on their 15-year-old daughter, who attempted suicide in June and is still being treated in a facility for her emotional problems.

"Their father is dead. I almost lost my daughter. She is devastated. She tried to kill herself," the 54-year-old former nurse testified. "She has no life. She doesn't feel she has a life anymore."

Saying those words out loud in the Los Angeles courtroom made Rowe emotional. She broke down in tears and then took a break to compose herself.

Rowe also spoke about their 16-year-old son, Prince, bluntly saying, "He doesn't hate me if that's what you mean." However, she indicated she developed a special closeness with Paris as they have reconnected after Jackson's 2009 death. "We started seeing each other in March and started talking each day," she said. "She's come to stay with me since."

Her testimony also gave many personal insights into her relationship with Jackson, whom she befriended when she was employed by Jackson dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein. She talked about how the superstar suffered from lupus, and wore light colored makeup to cover his vitiligo. She then shared the story about how it came to be that she had two children for him.

"He was devastated after [his] divorce [from Lisa Marie Presley]. He said, 'I’ll never have a child,'" she recalled. "I said, 'Let me have a child with you and give you the joy of being a father.' When I [later] told him he was going to be a dad, he was so excited. He ran around screaming."

Jackson was apparently a "big reader" and "bought every book he could" to prepare for fatherhood, according to Rowe. When she was pregnant and he was headed off on a tour, Jackson made "recordings of his voice and [I] would put the headphones on my stomach each night so the babies would know his voice," she recalled.

When they had daughter Paris, Rowe recalled telling Jackson, "I said he was going to be so whipped. 'She’s going to have you wrapped around [her] finger. All these plans you have to rule the world with Prince are not going to happen unless she says so.'"

Rowe did not talk about how the children were conceived, but she made it clear that she was having the kids for the singer. And when they later divorced, she relinquished her parental rights. (Jackson later added a third child to his brood; the identity of son Blanket's mother is not public.)

As for whether she would leave her children with a man she believed to be an addict, she said simply, "No."

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Testimony continues in the trial with the judge telling the jurors they will likely begin deliberations in late September.

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