Death Cab For Cutie On Touring, Favorite Shows And 2013

Billy Johnson, Jr.
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Death Cab For Cutie were the headliners for Yahoo!'s All-Star concert Sunday at Crossroads in Kansas City, Missouri. Before taking the stage, bassist Nick Harmer and drummer Jason McGerr sat down to talk to Yahoo! Music about life on the road.

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Harmer and McGerr joked about learning to play in the sweltering heat and being on the road for more than 15 months. Such a demanding schedule does not afford them much time to check out shows of their favorite bands. McGerr looks forward to sharing concert bills with his friends in other groups, and Harmer anticipates returning to Japan's Summer Sonic Festival and seeing comedian Louis C.K. in December.

When their tour wraps in August, McGerr plans to take some downtime before working on their next project.

Harmer is expecting a great 2013. It will mark the 10th anniversary of their fourth album, Transatlanticism, and could possible see a release of some of their shows with the Magik*Magik Orchestra.