What’s the Deal With Jay-Z Album Announcement/Cell-Phone Commercial?

Craig Rosen
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Hip-hop is still a game of one-upsmanship. Look at went down over the weekend: Kanye West's amateur-porn-star wife Kim Kardashian gave birth to their child and he's dropping Yeezus on Tuesday, securing that 'Ye will get plenty of publicity this week. But Jay-Z isn't just going to stand on the sidelines and watch his pal get all the attention. He's got his own big deal going down.

During last night's NBA Finals Game 5, Hova showed he's still a player by announcing his new album, Magna Carta Holy Grail, will be released on July 4. But that's only part of the deal. Jay has pacted with Samsung, which has already purchased 1 million copies of the album — at $5 a pop— that they'll give away to Galaxy S III and Galaxy S4 smartphone users for free a full 72 hours before its traditional release, The Wall Street Journal reports. Users will be able to download the app to get the album later this month.

Hova announced it all in an arty docu-video featuring cameos by producers Pharrell, Timbaland and Rick Rubin. Take that, Kanye.

Actually, those who keep an eye on business will recognize that this is more about Samsung trying to take a bite out of Apple's market share than it is a personal rap battle. Apple recently announced the launch of iTunes Radio and the two tech giants have squared off in court over smartphone technology in the past, so there is definitely some history there.

We're wondering if Jay-Z's involvement with Samsung is enough to make you drop your iPhone like it's hot — or if you'll just get the album another way and stick with Apple.

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