On This Day In Music History: September 23rd

Robert of the Radish
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For this playlist I've pulled together songs by artists who were born, or made history on this day, September 23rd:

1930: Ray Charles is born
1943: Julio Iglesias, Toni Basil,  Steve Boone of The Lovin' Spoonful and Walter and Wallace Scott of The Whispers are born
1949: Bruce Springsteen is born
1957: Buddy Holly and The Crickets hit #1 with "That'll Be The Day"
1965: The Walker Brothers hit #1 with "Make It Easy On Yourself"
1967: The Box Tops hit #1 with "The Letter"
1970: Mick Jagger meets his future wife Bianca for the very first time
1974: Average White Band member Robbie McIntosh dies of a heroin overdose

1978: 10cc hits #1 for the last time with "Dreadlock Holiday"
1980: Bob Marley performs at the Stanley Theater in Pittsburgh, the last performance before his death
1989: Milli Vanilli hits #1 with "Girl I'm Gonna Miss You"
1995: Shaggy hits #1 with "Boombastic"
2001: Kylie Minogue hits #1 with "Can't Get You Out Of My Head"
2004: Lil' Kim's bodyguard Suif Jackson is sentenced to 12 years in prison
2006: Neil Young is named artist of the year

On This Day In Music History: September 23rd

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