The Dawg Gets Dogged! ‘The Voice’ Disses Randy Jackson

Lyndsey Parker
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Poor Randy Jackson can't catch a break. His over-reliance on hackneyed '90s catchphrases, and embarrassing '80s photos from his Journey days, have already made him a joke on "American Idol." And apparently now he's a laughingstock on "Idol's" rival show, "The Voice," as well.

On Tuesday's "Voice" episode, coach Cee Lo Green shockingly mocked The Dawg with a semi-convincing (and semi-mean-spirited) Randy impression. Talk about a "F#@$ you"! But maybe he was just trying to go as Randy Jackson for Halloween?

"Yo, dawg, that was hype, dope, and fresh," quipped Cee Lo during one of his critiques, at which point his co-star Adam Levine announced, "Randy Jackson, everyone!"--just in case Cee Lo's impersonation was so third-rate, no one could figure out which celebrity he was mimicking. Then coach Blake Shelton got in a little jab as well, asking, "Who's Randy Jackson?" Answered Cee Lo, "Oh, he's Michael Jackson's brother."

Oh, snap. And I thought "The Voice" was supposed to be the nice singing show! But you have to admit, this was pretty funny. Now I just think Randy has get some payback by appearing on Season 12 of "Idol" wearing a tracksuit while holding a white Persian kitty on his lap and a pink parakeet on this shoulder. Then Randy Jackson would truly be in it to win it.

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