David Guetta, Framed

John Kordosh
Framed (NEW)

We've always wanted to have a 44-year-old foreign DJ in our blog — in that sense, we're just like all the other blogs — so, imagine our surprise when we saw French house music producer David Guetta's name on our dreaded "You Gotta Do It Again This Week" list.

David's been in the biz since he was 17, and has put out five albums and scads of singles. His biggest American hits have been "Sexy Bitch" (2009, featuring Akon), "Without You" (Usher), and "Turn Me On" (Nicki Minaj.) This week's video is 2011's "Titanium," and features the Australian singer, Sia.

Neither Sia nor Guetta is actually seen in the vid, though: it's about some kid who has weird powers and destroys his school or something. Then the cops chase him down, but he's got powers, so, goodbye cops.

It would be cool if everyone had powers!

But we don't, so, instead, let's enjoy this week's captions, OK?

It's all good!

Important blog note! Great news, readers! Next week's installment will mark the beginning of the sixth year of Framed here in Y! Music. We thank all of you, of course ... as they say, we couldn't have done it without you. And, rest assured, your posts are enjoyed from Honolulu to Peru, Indiana!

We'd also like to thank the great folks at Y! Music: in particular, Dave DiMartino, Tiffany Lee, Lyndsey Parker, Tiffany Albert, and many, many others. Also, whoever's the CEO of Yahoo! this month. Framed would have never been possible without their help and professionalism.

While we're handing out thanks, we'd like to thank our fellow Y! Music bloggers, too. Although we occasionally make sport of them, they make Y! Music a great place to visit and then maybe click on to Framed.

Please plan on being back again next week for what will be, to be honest, simply more of the same.

Because that's what we do.

1 — "Good God! How many captions could there be in the entire Universe over all of time?"

2 — "Jeez. Wall Girl was pissed."

3 — "No! No pepperoni! Can't you hear me?"

4 — "Why, those illegalish-lookin', alien-lookin' folks seem to be fixin' to vote!"

5 — "Why, yes... yes, I am Pete Townshend's mother. But how could you possibly know?"

6 — Bravely, and in brisk weather, the athletes trained for the Seven Meter Dash! The Olympics loomed!

7 — "I wish I had a moped, like all the cool people do!"

8 — Yep, 100% of the kids found their educational experience valuable and interesting!

9 — "Lump must live nearby! She'll save me!"

10 — "Freeze, kid! Did you think you and your ilk could simply have a few dozen prepared captions around to use in case nothing else readily came to mind?"

11 — "Wait a minute! I'm the only bruthah in the whole bleeping Wermacht?"

12 — Shard-O, seen here with his people, the shards, has decided to visit Framed on a regular basis!