Daughtry, Framed

John Kordosh
Framed (NEW)

Is it time to start remembering old American Idol people, and to comment on their careers?

You bet it is!

Let's start now! Go get a beer and we'll do this!

Our guest artist this week is Daughtry. To be more accurate, our guest artist this week is Chris Daughtry, who finished 4th on the famous TV show back on season we're too lazy to look it up.

Chris also has a band called -- and this is very convenient -- Daughtry! Just like him!

Textbook cool!

We say that Chris is our guest artist because nobody else in his, cough, band, is actually in the video. Well, you can't script life. You see what we're saying here, right?

It's a great song and maybe even a greater video. It's called "Start of Something Good," and is -- like everything else we've done lately -- a Vevo premiere. It's about two people in love. We'd tell you more, but, hell, we're just here to write some captions and don't want to have to think too hard.

So we cordially invite you to enjoy Daughtry, the man, Daughtry, the band, and Framed, the funny captions.


1 -- "Damn this drought! The stringed instrument harvest is not a good one."

2 -- "But what if Lump hadn't confused all the passing piranhas? Would everything be different now?"

3 -- "What's with these 'keep me from cracking my skull wide open for no good reason' nanny state laws? Damn you, Obama."

4 -- Oh, no! Annoyed arachnids have decided to construct their own, perhaps superior, Web! And "Spider New This Week" is quite good!

5 -- "Darn. Evidently, Chris isn't out standing in his field."

6 -- "Now to set the snare and see if Glurpo shows!"

7 -- "Hmm. That cloud looks something like Mitt Romney. More substantial, of course."

8 -- "Why did I ever come to this video? How could an internationally famous rock star find me attractive? I'm such a fool."

9 -- "Hamana-hamana-hamana!"

10 -- "Like I promised! Bum wine!"

11 -- Times change, but passing the drugs is still passing the drugs.

12 -- "That's a coincidence. I like to pretend my thoughts have value, too."