Darling Nicki Minaj, Will You Marry Me? Asks DJ Khaled

Craig Rosen
Stop The Presses! (NEW)

"American Idol" may no longer want Nicki Minaj, but apparently DJ Khaled does.

The 37-year-old producer took to the airwaves of MTV to propose to the Pink Barbie in a seemingly heartfelt plea to the 30-year-old rapper. He offered up a 10-carat radiant-cut diamond ring from Rafaello & Co. that 's worth a reported $500,000, according to the Daily Mail.

"I want to be honest with you," Khaled said. "I love you. I like you. I want you to be mine."

The pair worked together on Busta Rhymes "Twerk It," but no one seems to be sure if their professional relationship extended to a personal one. We reached out to reps for both Khaled and Nicki to confirm if it was for real or just a goof, but we're still waiting for an official response.

At least one person seems to be taking it all seriously. Khaled's pal Rick Ross phoned into Los Angeles radio station Power 106 Friday morning and seemingly acknowledged the proposal wasn't out of the question. "It was some chatter going around, but I can't say that I knew, but it was some chatter," he told host Rikki Martinez. "Time to sit that a** on his lap," he added, apparently directed at Nicki.

Whatever the case, Khaled continued in the clip, "The only reason I'm not telling you this face to face because I know that you're busy… "

He added, "You need a man like me in your life that's gonna take care of you and respect you. You gotta take your time and think about it, I understand…but I know I have to be here today to let you know how serious I am about how serious this is to me."

Then he dropped the big question, saying, "I want to let your fans know, my fans know, my family, your family, that I wanna marry you. I been working hard to get this ring…Nicki Minaj…will you marry me?"

Khaled then proceeded to reveal the bling. As for Nicki's response, apparently we'll all have to wait on pins and needles until she speaks. What do you think she'll say?

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