Danny Gokey, Framed

John Kordosh
Framed (NEW)

Now that we've gotten past the holidays... those are just getting better and better, aren't they?... we can all return to what we do best, which is watching TV.  And, when it comes to TV, nothing's bigger or better than American Idol, which starts its award-winning 93rd season a week from Wednesday!  We'll all want to be there!

To help a grateful nation ease back into this greatest of shows, this week we're framing a video by the greatest singer to never win the show.  Is it Adam Lambert?  No way!  It's Danny Gokey, the bestubbled, bespectacled widower fella who wowed us back in season eight.  Everybody loves Danny!

This week's video, "My Best Days Are Ahead Of Me," is a single from his debut LP, My Best Days, released in  2010.  Shot in a warehouse in Nashville, the vid features a slew of uptempo, feel-good messages that surely appeal to Danny's many fans.  Enjoy this splendid, family-friendly fare, and let us know what you think!

Important Blog Note! We were wondering, as we always do, how we could make this blog better and even more useful to our readers.  We've long since mastered the art of writing captions for still video frames, of course. and we'd like to offer you even more.

So, starting this week, we're actually going to give you free captions — extra, bonus captions that are unaffiliated with any picture or video frame!  What a deal!  Better yet, you'll be able to use these free captions for anything you want!  Family photos!  Annoying Facebook posts by your so-called friends!  Idle doodles!  Literally anything!

You could even try to rewrite Framed itself, although that would be kind of silly, right?

We'll do this from time to time as a value-added feature for all our great readers.  Feel free to post your thanks, and be back here next week when we frame the greatest music video ever made!

Bonus Captions!

"I honestly thought it was cheese, OK?"

"Oh, I thought you said the Rolling Stones!"

"But I read somewhere that Duckie-O doesn't even exist!"

"Dude!  He doesn't even own pants!"

1 —  "Hose-O!  You've really lost some weight, buddy."

2 —  To put it mildly, the six other dwarfs were pissed.

3 —  "Hey, this isn't an electric razor or a sex toy.  What a Christmas."

4 —  He'd use the day he hired the bloggers as a reminder, Dave vowed.

5 —  "Or Scarlett Johansson with a few clothes on!  Either way!"

6 —  Although cakes don't know the exact speed of light, they certainly have a sense of things.

7 —  "If only I had the charisma of a Taylor Hicks.  But I dream."

8 —  Umpiring invisible baseball games, competing in obviously-rigged televised contests... in the end, Danny failed to see the difference.

9 —  "If evolution was real, wouldn't I be some sort of moron?"

10 —  Later that day, the city council of Defy Mediocrity, Ohio, voted to commission an even more professionally-lettered water tower.

11 —  Danny is single and likes show tunes.

12 —  "I knew there was an Ant Cam, but an Ant Large Hadron Collider?  I'll be darned."