Cymphonique: On The Set Of Her New Music-Themed Nick Show ‘How To Rock’

Billy Johnson, Jr.
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In December 2010, rising TV and pop star Cymphonique stopped by the Yahoo! offices to give us the scoop on her new Nickelodeon sitcom "How To Rock."

It's been more than a year, but "How To Rock" makes its debut on February 4. Last month, we visited the set to watch the taping of a Christmas-themed episode.

Here's how Cymphonique, the daughter of hip-hop mogul Master P, described the show based on Meg Haston's book "How To Rock Braces And Glasses":

"This show is basically about the character I play named Kacey Simon who is basically the most popular girl in school. She's even in a clique called the Perfs. What happens is she gets herself in a little situation, has to come back to school in braces and glasses. From that point, her old friends ditch her and she is forced to actually find new friends who accept her. She winds up being the lead singer of their band Gravity 5."

Watch our on-camera interview with Cymphonique:

Watch Cymphonique's music video for "Only You Can Be You."