Cute Overload! Fifth Harmony’s First Video Has Arrived

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)

"X Factor" girl group Fifth Harmony's plan for world domination continues apace this week, via the premiere of their totally freakin' cute first music video, "Miss Movin' On."

The girl-powered clip features the independent 5H ladies celebrating their newfound singlehood at a local fair: wining stuffed animals, riding the bumper cars and Ferris wheel, eating popcorn, flirting with guys, ripping up old photos of their exes, changing their Facebook statuses to "Single," and basically just being adorable. (Eat your hearts out, any boys who ever did Dinah, Ally, Normani, Lauren, or Camila wrong.)

At last week's "X Factor" Season 3 audition tapings, Simon Cowell told one aspiring singing group of unlikable mean girls: "In order to be a successful girl group, GIRLS have to like you." True, true. But I can't imagine anyone not liking Fifth Harmony. Seriously, these girls are cuter and cuddlier than the teddy-bear prizes at this video's carnival booths.

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