Is Common’s ‘Sweet’ About Drake? Common Says Song Could Apply To Many Rappers

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In the final segment of my three-part video interview with Common, the Chicago rapper talks details of his song "Sweet." On the hard-edge track, he makes claims that his favorite genre has gone soft, accusations that some have interpreted as disses to Drake.

WATCH: Common Interview Part 1

While Common said the song is not directed to a particular rapper, he doesn't extend a pass to Drake. "It's a lot of hip hop, artists out there making other types of music," he told Hip Hop Media Training. "It may be good. But, I was really taking the torch for hip-hop. That flag for hip-hop, being like, 'Boom! This is hip-hop. That stuff y'all doing ain't hip-hop.' So, I'm just going to let you know. That's just how I feel about the culture. That's my perspective. If it's Drake, whomever. Whoever hear it and feel like, 'Man, why do I feel that way?' Then, they made the cap fit. So let him wear it. But it's really not a specific MC. Many people would wear that cap. But, I had to let people know. I saw on the Net people were like, 'Is it about Kanye?' I was like, 'Why would I ever diss Kanye?' That is my brother."

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In addition to addressing the Drake beef rumors, Common also explained why he shot the "Sweet" video in Haiti and how he was impacted by visiting the country devastated by an earthquake in 2010.

"The Dreamer, The Believer" ends with "Pop's Belief," a trademark reflective offering from Common's father. Common gives the background on why he includes his dad's input on all of his albums.

In regards to his acting, Common describes his role on the television series "Hell On Wheels." Though he loves his character, he said playing a freed slave sometimes takes an emotional toll on him.

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