“Come Along” and Watch Vicci Martinez’s New Video

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)

It has been nearly two years since pint-size powerhouse Vicci Martinez made it to the Season 1 finale of "The Voice," and almost a year since she released her post-"Voice" album, Vicci. But happily, that album's first single, "Come Along" featuring her old Red Zone coach Cee Lo Green, is finally gaining momentum at radio--which means the searing song now has its own long-overdue music video, released this week.

The slow-burning rock jam, which was written by Joakim Berg of Kent and Peter Svensson of the Cardigans, was initially a massive smash in Sweden for a singer named Titiyo, becoming one of the most-played singles on Swedish radio between 2000 and 2009. Will Vicci's badass, Benatarish spin on the song make it a hit in America in 2013? Hopefully. All I know is, any of the coaches on "The Voice" Season 4--including Cee Lo's stand-in, Usher--would be very lucky to snag a contestant as awesome as this girl.

Check out a live "Come Along" performance by Vicci and Cee Lo on "The Voice" last year:

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