Classically Trained Rock Guitarists

Robert of the Radish
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Some styles of rock guitar don't require much technical ability, but all require feeling and attitude to be successful. Technical ability alone can lead to a difficult career for a musician. But when a player has both technical chops and feeling, the sky's the limit. It's a rare combination, and most musicians are in a constant state of improvement.

For this playlist I wanted to pull together songs by bands that feature a classically trained guitarist. Now, I fully understand that everyone has a different definition of what "classically trained" means. Some of the guitarists you will hear in this playlist were truly classically trained from the beginning, raised on classical music and simply switched to electric guitar where they could blend the power of rock with learned music theory and technical ability. But others learned rock guitar in the traditional sense first, but discovered classical technique as their playing evolved.

So while the levels of classical training vary widely among the guitarists you'll hear in this playlist, they all have an undeniable classical music influence.

I consider this playlist only "a start". There are certainly many I've missed.

So who else belongs on this list?

Classically Trained Rock Guitarists
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